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Window Treatments for Odd Shaped Windows

Window Treatments for Odd Shaped Windows

Finding the perfect window treatments for odd shaped windows is easy at Spindletop Draperies. Specialty windows add character and charm to your home no matter how big they are. Covering those specialty windows can often prove to be quite difficult or expensive. At Spindletop Draperies, we carry many window fashions designed to cover odd shaped windows in Louisville Kentucky. Because we design custom window treatments, your window coverings will fit perfectly and look amazing. Here are a few examples:

Arch Windows

Covering your arched windows can offer a particular set of challenges when it comes to providing light control and privacy. We carry a variety of arched window treatments in a broad range of light-filtering fabrics. We can cover your arch windows no matter what shape they are: half or quarter circle, perfect or imperfect, eyebrow or Gothic. Popular window fashions include wood blinds, shutters and shades.

Angled Windows

Contemporary homes are full of angled windows. These unique, window treatments for odd shaped windows also provide window-covering challenges. At Spindletop Draperies we have a variety of options and energy efficient shades that can enhance the look of your décor and your angled windows. Popular window treatments for angled windows come in shutters, honeycomb shades and silhouettes.

Skylight Windows

Another odd shaped window in Louisville Kentucky that we see often is a skylight window. These overhead windows allow you to enjoy brighter rooms and a more open, airy feeling. Covering these windows gives you greater control of sunlight and glare as well as the ability to control how much heat comes into the room from the sun. You will find stunning skylight window treatments for odd shaped windows like skylights in our honeycomb shades and designer window fashions.
Perfect window treatments For Your Odd Shaped Windows At Spindletop Draperies, we have years of experience installing window treatments for odd shaped windows. No matter how difficult it seems, we can help you create a window treatment solution that is perfect for your home or office. We also can help you choose automated window treatments or motorized blinds that are easy to open and close no matter how high your windows are. Call Spindletop Draperies today and see what options you have available to you. You will find a wide selection of window treatments for your odd shaped windows.
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